Poet’s Corner (November 16, 2015)

Lincoln’s Laundry Room

The washers

May they rest in peace

Let us bring the washers

From the ashes

With one washer

Missing a wheel

The other washer

In heaven

With the other washers

Full of flying sheets

That reminds me

Of pure snow


November by Dark Expressions


It is only

The first of November


It’s November by For the Love, for the Death and the Poetry

The first of November

A real cold fright

Before a feast

With family


To the Forest by For the Love, for the Death and the Poetry

They head

To the forest

To seek the night

Till next year


November Breeze

The breeze

Not chilly

Not cold

Just a breeze

That is warm

And filled with happiness

In the end


Flower Shaped Stars

Stars in the sky

Shaped like

Silver mums


That shined

In the night

Every fall


On the day

Time falls back

Before spring time


As time slowed down

Silver stars bloom

Into roses


That turned white

On a breezy day

That poured rain


Turned fireworks

Healing the wounds

Of the ailing and the dying


Leaving real fairytales

Full of happy endings

For heroes who are righteous


Along with

Villains who were made

Vile and corrupt by their backstories


Turning the silver stars

Into snowflakes in the white skies


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