Jordan Washington –

As we get into the remainder of the 2015-2016 academic year, you may notice some upperclassmen countlessly mentioning, “I just want to graduate already!” ,or “May 15th can’t come soon enough!” These words are then often followed by sluggish behavior, and an attempt to do their best in their remainder of the semester.

Senioritis is a common phenomenon commonly experienced by high school and college seniors which propels most of them to engage in behavior that most underclassmen won’t experience till the end of their academic careers. The urge to graduate is coming at a fast pace and a thirst for starting their actual adult lives after school might come to an all-time high.

Within your college senior year, you have a lot thrown at you. Not only are you expected to either be applying for graduate school in your field of study or a job, but you have to maintain your grades, finish strong, and still have time for extracurricular activities and a social life. It’s like freshman through junior year, except you won’t be returning to school, and hopefully most seniors will be graduating and will learn to become productive citizens of society.

It’s no wonder why by the time most students reach their senior year, they want to hurry up and graduate! It’s not saying that they won’t miss Illinois College, because I most definitely will, but it means that I and many others are curious, yet excited, to see what life has to offer us outside of Illinois College’s gates.

Senior Hannah Young, a psychology major, said, “I’m excited to see the types of opportunities for me and my degree after I get out of here.” I think that that can be said by a lot of graduating seniors this year. The opportunities that are offered to us are nothing compared to the opportunities we may receive outside of high school. For some, that’s a chance to attend their dream graduate school, and for others, that could mean moving out, getting their dream job or internship, or just finally being able to have a level of independence that they otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity to receive.

Some seniors, like English major Gabby Furmanek, have words of encouragement for fellow seniors on how to cope with the remainder of their college careers. “There is always a light at the end of the tunnel. Just persevere and push through to the end.”

The homework, projects, stress, and extracurricular activities may have started to pile up for most of us seniors, but remember that graduation is only 3 months away and that, as Gabby said, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Sooner than later, we’ll be walking across that beautiful stage getting that well-deserved diploma.

Don’t give up. Strive to do your very best in the remaining months of your college career. We all have worked tremendously hard to get to this point of our lives and it would be such a waste if we decided to let the senioritis get the best of us.

Hang in there, graduating seniors. ☺


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