It’s written in the stars! Or something.

Aquarius Whenever you’re in in a building with a tile floor, you HAVE to slide down the hallways or you’ll fail all your classes.

Pisces Wear something blue. All day. Every day. No exceptions.

Aries Be on the lookout for anyone wearing a baseball cap.

Taurus Eat five cupcakes every hour, on the hour.

Gemini Take at least one positive chance every day.

Cancer You must speak in a Russian accent whenever you speak.

Leo Be as chill as you can possibly manage.

Virgo Say something nice to every single person you see.

Libra Don’t go anywhere near the color purple.

Scorpio You have to speak purely in Shakespeare rhymes between the hours of 12pm-5pm.

Sagittarius f

Capricorn Take deep breaths and read something new and inspiring every day.


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