Hannah Hawkins –


Are you struggling to find out what you want to do with your life after college? Do you want to learn how to earn some extra money over the summer? Are you looking for an internship? Fret no more, my fellow college colleagues, because the Illinois College CareerLINK is here for you! Through my interview with JJ Sadler, Coordinator of Internships and Undergraduate Research, and Susie Drake, Director of Career Services, I have learned a lot about the newly updated CareerLINK link as well as how to monitor and use the site.

How do you access CareerLINK? It’s actually quite simple. JJ was kind enough to help me navigate the site because I had never been on it before. To start off, you just have to log in to your Connect2 and look under the ‘Students’ header. When you are in the ‘Students’ section, scroll about halfway through the page and look under Quick Links and you will find ‘IC CareerLINK’ underlined. You log into CareerLINK by using your student ID and your password like you would use to log into the computers in the library. Once you are logged in and if you have a resume ready, you hover over ‘My Account’ and click ‘My Documents’ to find out how to get jobs or how to connect to other sites to find a job. This is under the ‘My Account’ when you click on ‘My Connections.’ You can register with all four partners which are; CollegeRecruiter, Indeed, Snagajob, and Global Focus Undergrad. Susie joked, “Snagajob doesn’t sound trustworthy, but we have found success through it”.

One of the main highlights of IC’s CareerLINK is the job search feature. Click ‘Job Search’ and type in a few key words and a list of jobs will show up. The jobs and internships show when they will expire to inform you if you need to look for other jobs and internships.

Not only is CareerLINK for students, but the site is for Illinois College Alumni too. Under ‘Alumni Mentoring Search,’ students are able to reach out to IC Alum to help find jobs in their fields. Alumni may also be interested in finding a job through CareerLINK. They can email Susie at, and they are also able to look through CareerLINK. What if an Alum just wants to post information about offering a job or even an internship? Easy peasy. All they have to do is create an IC CareerLINK Employer Account. This information can be found on IC’s website; look under ‘Campus Life’ and click on ‘Career Services,’ then click on the blue ‘IC CareerLINK’ link. The site is easy to manage and is very informative.

Want even more information about Career Services? Check out their schedule of events and be sure to check out the Dress & Etiquette – Keys to Success in the Cummings Side Dining Rooms on Thursday, April 14 from 5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m., and the Alumni Networking Event located in Kirby 6 on Thursday, April 28 starting at 4:15 p.m.




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