Deaths of Two Leaders

Kyle Cody –


As we continue the year of 2016, more prominent people have passed from our hands into the heavens. On March 6, Nancy Reagan passed away in her home in California. Hollywood Star, First Lady, and loving wife are just some of the things that defined Nancy Reagan. She came from Chicago to pursue an acting career in the sunny Hollywood of the 1950’s, however, she encountered the glitz and glamour of the area and soon starred in her own love story.

It is there where she met the handsome, Ronald Reagan. Soon, they complimented each other onstage in the movie Hellcats of the Navy, a movie based off a nonfiction book called Hell Cats of the Sea by Charles A. Lockwood. The movie is about Commander Casey Abbott, who is played by Ronald Reagan, taking a dangerous mission in which he must cut off supplies to Japan and China. Nancy Reagan is Abbott’s love interest in the movie and she plays a precarious situation as the object of two men’s love.

This was her most publicized movie as her previous work is rather strange. She mostly played roles of doting housewife or potential lover even in her most strange movie, Donovan’s Brain. This movie is about a scientist who keeps the brain of a millionaire megalomaniac alive despite the brain possessing people. Nancy plays the housewife of the scientist.

In 1967, Ronald Reagan became the governor of California with Nancy Reagan was his First Lady. The couple hosted dinners for Vietnam and POWs veterans while in office. In 1981, Ronald Reagan became the President of the United States alongside Nancy Reagan becoming First Lady. During the presidency, Nancy Reagan remodeled the White House with private donations. She was also known for her extravagant clothing reminiscent of Jacqueline Kennedy. It may be Reagan was trying to reinstall the Camelot flair the Kennedy’s had while in office. After an assassination attempt on her husband, Nancy became Reagan’s protector.

Equally as important as Nancy Reagan, George Martin passed away on March 8. Known as the ‘Fifth Beatle,’ George Martin was the instrumental producer of the Beatles. Without him, the Beatles’ music would have been completely different as he provided his classically trained ear to their music while altering it when necessary. Martin provided his genius to the early Beatles’ unrefined sound through orchestral arrangements and instrumentation. George Martin made the Beatles what they are today, pioneers in rock and pop music. Through this renown, the queen knighted George Martin.

Progressing through the year has been tough with loss of many icons from Harper Lee to now Nancy Reagan. We are losing icons at an astounding rate. Our only hope is to treasure the remaining people and try to create new entertainers. We must also keep the works of those that have passed alive so we can pass along to a new generation what we thought was important and defined us. We can then use the past to create new cultural icons to further our need of entertainment.

Kyle Cody, from Sullivan, Illinois, is a senior majoring in history and Japanese. Kyle has recently been abroad for a year in Japan and has since returned to writing for the Rambler.



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