Live in Your Truth

Jordan Washington –


Lately, it seems that I have been surrounded by people who are rather hypocritical. They may claim to want to build other women up, but yet, they never pass up an opportunity to call a girl a ‘slut’ when she is wearing revealing or short items of clothing. They may claim that they support the Black Lives Matter movement, but on their social media, they spew out the All Lives Matter rhetoric.
If you feel a certain way about something, don’t hide behind something that you claim to not support just because it may be the more socially acceptable thing to do. If you believe that black lives do actually matter, I don’t want to hear you saying ‘All Lives Matter’ just because it goes along with some of your close family members’ and friend’s views. If you claim to want to lift women up, I don’t ever want to hear or see you bashing another woman for her personal choices just because society makes that ‘okay’.
Sometimes, it’s a-okay to not be in the popular opinion of the majority. Think about the Civil Rights Movement. When the movement was gaining momentum, it was common for people opposed to it to spew remarks such as, “Separate but equal!” It was also common for lynching and other hate filled acts to transpire because their ‘way of life’ was being threatened and they didn’t like it.
It would have been so easy for leaders like Ralph Abernathy, Martin Luther King Jr., Diane Nash, Malcolm X, and Julian Bonds to stay complacent because their views didn’t agree with popular opinion at the time, but had it not for them living in their truth, a lot of the things that I sometimes take for granted, like the right to vote and the right to attend and live anywhere I choose, would never be available to me otherwise.
Living in your truth is one of the most important things a human being can do. It’s okay if we don’t always agree with everything that someone else thinks, but if we stay complacent because it’s the ‘most popular thing to do’ at the moment, we fail ourselves. Being honest about your views and the way you live your life should be synonymous.
Sometimes, the hardest thing to do these days is to live an authentic life and be your most authentic self. On social media, we usually post things that we may like, but in all honestly, we may post things just to garner ‘likes’ or ‘up votes’ just to make it seem like our lives are the most spectacular all the time. We hide behind our screens and put on this façade because it is the most popular thing to do in today’s times.
It’s like life. We probably fake how we’re feeling or what we really think about something just to save us ‘the drama’ that may come if we were actually truthful. It’s okay to rattle the boat, because being your authentic self and living in YOUR truth is the best ‘self-medicine, and it’s one of the only things that you should NEVER apologize for. If you make someone upset because you tell them your opinion on something and it disagrees with their opinion, you’re doing life right.
Live in your truth, and make yourself live a life that only you would be satisfied with in the end.


Jordan Washington, from Olympia Fields, Illinois, is a senior majoring in English with a double minor in Music and Communications at Illinois College. Jordan is the Opinions Editor for The Rambler , a consultant at the Campus Writing Center, a member of Forte , and a member of the Percussion Ensemble.


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