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If you are one of the people that easily gets offended, are totally idealist, or otherwise unwilling to open your mind to other perspectives, you probably should not waste your time reading this article.

Let me remind you that this is an opinion piece which, as the name implies, is very opinionated. With this, you probably will disagree with some of this, agree with some of it, or just cast it aside as a form of entertainment. I usually would not preface articles with such a description, but in light of recent events on this campus, I felt it necessary to include such commentary.

For any camo lovers or Yik Yak advocates that don’t work towards solving problems and just like complaining about them, you can rest assured this article doesn’t dive into either of those issues. For this issue has been in the news for quite some time and Trumps nearly everything else we have seen (yes, camo wearers, that was an intentional pun.)

Donald J. Trump has absolutely dominated the political arena in essentially every aspect imaginable. He is constantly the star of memes, has millions of mentions in social media, and is not afraid to say what he feels the need to say or dictate the direction of a conversation.

Some of the other positive characteristics of America’s rising star include how he is from the business sector and does not need the funds from the political action committees or large corporations. This, in a large part, has allowed Trump to be as vocal and outspoken he is. In turn, this feeds into his popularity. His outspokenness has brought a lot of energy to different venues that he goes to, such as Chicago.

On a serious note, Trump has discussed different reforms. Whereas he has not really disclosed in-depth strategies on ultimately achieving his goals associated with his plans on the national stage like during the debates, he recently put together his foundational foreign policy advisory committee.

There has been much discussion among the ‘experts’ of the GOP establishment – a recent Politico article discussed the criticism of Trump’s advisory team as having third-rate people instead of the top-of-the-line experts that they feel are necessary to provide the type of foreign policy needed for the country. However, I foresee Trump combatting this skepticism using the same rhetoric that has driven his campaign; because the people he has chosen are little known and not tied to any particular political body, they can make the rational decisions necessary for the country.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not a supporter of Trump. The things he says are provocative, yes, but his personality and approach towards achieving his reformation goals would be more detrimental to the country than anything. However, I have very much become a realist in the sense that he is probably going to be the one giving that Inauguration Speech on January 20th. The competition for Trump and his momentum cannot be stopped this far into the game. Rubio was a potential contender until his plan for privatizing higher education was revealed at a town hall and he went to the level of campaigning as Ted Cruz and Trump. Cruz is not readily accepted among the GOP and John Kasich is simply too far behind in the race for the delegates, even though he has been the most level-headed.

On the Democrat ticket, Bernie Sanders definitely has some idealistic views that appeal namely to the younger Democratic base but his plans are financially unfeasible in today’s era. Hillary Clinton is largely established through the legacy of the last name and will more than likely receive the Democratic nomination.

When it comes to the face off of Clinton v. Trump, the following chart from an NPR article titled “Republicans are Far Outstripping Democrats in Primary Turnout,” highlights what could be foreshadowed about the general election in November:

Remember in 2008, when Barack Obama was all the rage? When Democrats came out in hordes and voted for the well-versed Senator from Illinois? Well, interestingly enough, those tables have turned. Democrat turnout has drastically decreased and the Republican turnout has been surprisingly high with Trump winning first or second in the majority of the contests.

Here’s my ending hypothesis. I suspect this trend will continue in the fall. Furthermore, since there is such an established candidate on the Democratic ticket in the form of Hillary Clinton, I would bet that Democrats make the assumption that Hillary will trounce Trump. This, combined with Trump’s unrelenting supporters, will prove Trump’s legitimacy of being elected as the next president of the United States. So while we enjoy the nice SAB concert in the fall and don’t vote and complain of the results afterwards, we can try to be confident with Trump’s leadership as he has the large hands for the job.


Nathan A. Zimmerman, from Mt. Sterling, Illinois, is a senior majoring in Finance and Economics with a minor in Political Science. In addition to the Rambler, Nathan is a board member of both Brown County and Action Brown County, executive director of the nonprofit Real Deal Finance, vice president of the Illinois College Democrats, the president of Gamma Nu Literary Society, and the Illinois College representative for the Clinton Global Initiative University network.


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