Poet’s Corner

Alexis Ogunmokun–


The End of the Reagans

Lady Reagan lived for 94 years

She lost Ronald

To Alzheimer’s disease

She lived so frail

So broken

Only to join

Him to the pearly gates

Of Heaven

On March 6 2016


Justice Scalia

Justice Scalia was laid to rest

During the presidential race

Of natural causes at 79

At the end of February 12

And the beginning of February 13

Of this year


Rainbow by Fallen Angel

The waves

Created colors

Of the rainbow

Through the sunlight


Ice Dragon by Fallen Angel

The dragon of ice

Seeks a thousand

Years of winter


Be Less of a Sad Sack by Endless Sorrow

I disappoint myself

Says the sad sacks at school

They need to be happy

Or perk up and be less

Of a buzz kill because

Life is not that happy

Or bleak


Oppression by Hell and Earth

Steven Biko believed

That oppression is

The weapon against



Zombie for President 2016 by When Darkness Falls in Our City

Who would you like as the president?

A zombie

Hilary Clinton

Donald Trump

Bernie Sanders

Or other presidential candidates

Choose wisely

Because your vote counts


Language of Flowers by Hell and Earth

Speak in flowers

It is an easier language

To understand


Read a Book by When Darkness Falls in Our City

He read a book

Of ghost stories

That came alive

In his bedroom


In the Toy Store by When Darkness Falls in Our City

She saw the toy T-Rex

And cried for her mommy

In the store


Puppets of War by Hell and Earth

The soldier is not

In control of himself

He is a puppet to our government

While at war

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