The Roommate Blues

Jordan Washington–


The end of the semester is rapidly approaching and yet, I have heard a lot of people complain about their current ‘roomies’. It’s so easy to reply with, “You have one more month with this person,” yet, if you live with someone who gets on your every nerve, a month seems like your personal hell. In order to ensure that most of you who are having roommate dilemmas get through the remaining part of the year, below are five ways to deal with a no-so-great roommate.


Be Cordial

This seems self-explanatory, but sometimes, tensions can almost get the best of you and you could possibly act a certain type of mean-spirited way. If they are in the way for you to get something, say “Excuse me.” Maybe even smiling when you walk into your room and they’re already in there can help as well. Don’t be downright rude because that will only add to further tensions between you and them. No one wants to go out with a literal ‘bang’ after the stressful academic year is over anyways.


Get Out More

If your roommate is such a hindrance to you, don’t spend as much time in your room then. Only stay in there for necessities and minimal leisure time such as sleeping, watching a movie on your laptop, getting changed, etc. You can always go on walks, or hang with a friend(s) if they’re available. The more you stay in the room and let your roommate get the best of you, the worse it can get before the end of the semester is done with.


Tune Them Out

Sometimes if I’m around people that I don’t particularly care for, listening to music or distracting myself with something that I enjoy really helps me get through that dreadful time. You are no longer focused on the annoyances that your roommate is doing, and your mood tends to improve and becomes more chill. I’m not saying that if they’re talking to you completely ignore them by doing something else, but when they are doing their own thing or on a loud phone call, remind yourself that you don’t have to pay attention to it or them.



If the source of your frustration in regards to your roommate is easily fixable with words, you could solve it then. I know that some of you might say that that’s a waste, but you could tie up loose ends with them before you leave. That’s not saying that you’ll be the best of friends, but you and your roommate will know that you’re on good terms with each other. What could beat that?



If all else fails, then you need to simmer down a little. Realize that you only have a limited time with your current roommate and after your current time with them, you won’t have to spend more time with them than you would like to. Also, you wouldn’t want to remember the end of your academic year all pent up with avoidable frustration, now would you? Probably not.


Roommates can be the best life teachers because they teach that not everyone is like you and  unfortunately, not everyone is fortunate like me to be able to get along with their roommate or call them a close friend. Remember to never lose yourself when dealing with someone who is your polar opposite and try to remember that they’re people too. You only have little over a month left with them, so follow this advice and keep on keepin’ on.


Jordan Washington, from Olympia Fields, Illinois, is a senior majoring in English with a double minor in Music and Communications at Illinois College. Jordan is the Opinions Editor for The Rambler , a consultant at the Campus Writing Center, a member of Forte , and a member of the Percussion Ensemble.


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