IC Debate Team

By Stacy Biles

What an amazing week for the IC debate team. I had the privilege to interview one of the IC debate team members, Alyssa Herzing, and I was able to get some exciting and insightful information.

I asked her what it is like to prepare for a debate. She answered, “Preparing for a debate is like running a marathon. It is different than anything I have ever done. There is a lot of research involved. Usually we prepare as a group and talk through arguments or different strategies in order to set up the most efficient debate. We run through speed drills in attempt to read as many arguments as possible. Sometimes it’s not enough to just familiarize ourselves with the plan we run.”

I also asked how the team prepares during the debate. She answered “During debates, we prepare different speeches and the more speed the pair gets in, the more defense we can run. We prepare debates beforehand so we can determine what kind of questions we need to be sure to really push during cross examination.” Now to the more exciting part: the tournament. The IC debate team has done an impressive job at last week’s tournament and this is what Alyssa had to say about it. “The first tournament went really well this year, we were proud. We brought three teams, and each was successful in their own right, but mostly Austin Phillips and James Hills for winning the first national novice tournament of the year. This was a huge win for IC, with the program still being so new and in its developing stages, it means a lot to see the program continue to thrive.”

She also kept going and told me a little bit more about how being part of the debate team has changed her perspectives, saying, “Debate has changed my perspective, has made me more open minded, and overall has given me a space to question anything and everything in a way that will continue to teach me new things about the world around me.”


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