Critic’s Corner: Fight Club

By: Dakotah Jones

The first rule in Fight Club is….Okay, for me, this is it. Fight Club is a very underrated and often forgotten masterpiece that deserves as much attention as any other film staple, and here’s why. The plot follows an insomniac (Edward Norton) that lives a mundane life before meeting an unexpected character by the name of Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt). In staying away from giving up much more than that, the plot is absolutely perfect. It tackles the ideas of social issues through many philosophical angles and it makes you think at times, all while incorporating a main plot that gets stranger by the minute.  

First things first, the adapted screenplay that is based off of the novel with the same title by Chuck Palahniuk (which is a masterpiece in its own right) is nothing short of amazing. It’s cleverly put together; including the most crucial lines from the novel and adding new lines to the script makes it flow in such a synchronized way it’s pleasing to the ear. Brad Pitt, Edward Norton, Helena Bonham Carter and a young Jared Leto, all are phenomenal. This is easily one of Pitt’s best performances, playing the edgy-dark character that Durden is described and meant to be in the novel. Norton’s character parallels Pitt’s in such a way that it’s like watching Ying and Yang throughout the entire film. Their performance together could easily land them at the top of the list for being one of the best on-screen duos of all time.

The directing is magnificent. David Fincher, fresh off of working on the cult classic, Seven (also starring Pitt), really began to develope his iconic style in this work. Using a darker, grittier style of shooting while incorporating unique CGI to build a unique viewer experience makes it fun to watch. The verdict: This is easily at the top of my list for best films of all time, even though it’s nearly twenty years old. It’s dark, funny, philosophical and it incorporates the perfect amount of action to keep your attention. To me, the writing is flawless, the acting is brilliant and the directing is exquisite. Oh, yeah, I didn’t mention it has one of the best twists of all time, but don’t come to me for spoilers.

This film to me is a definite 10/10, and if you’ve read any of my other reviews, which I’m sure you all have (that’s a joke) that’s a Critic’s Corner first. Unfortunately at the same time, this film is not for everyone. Many people think it’s too chaotic and too difficult to follow, to those people I ask, “Did you watch it to the end?” and the answer is almost always, “No.” Do yourself a favor and watch it through its entirety because you’ll at least appreciate it once you get to the legendary twist. Now, it may not be for everyone for other reasons as well. It’s violent, has a decent amount of blood and gore, a lot of cursing, and sex/nudity. Once again, not one to be watched with distance relatives during Thanksgiving, they may rethink their trust in you. I highly recommend this to anyone who enjoys great writing, acting and directing.

Dakotah Jones, Opinions Editor, Junior 18’. From Brielle, New Jersey. Majoring in MOL W/ Marketing, Minor in English. Football Team, SAAC, Writing Center


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