Lettider: My Veins Run Cubbie Blue

By: Jessica Sanders

All my life I have shared a special bond with my mom. One of the best gifts she has shared with me is her love of the Chicago Cubs. When I was young I did not quite understand the game of baseball, but I knew it got my mom excited, so I was excited. I remember my first game at Wrigley Field. The seats were nosebleed, but I was there. I remember enjoying my first taste of ballpark food; Chicago knows how to make a hot dog!

As I have grown older, I still enjoyed a ballpark dog, but that is not the reason I go to games or watch them on TV. I feel the same excitement as my mom when Anthony Rizzo hits one out of the ballpark. I still love the Cubs even if they have a crappy year. I grew up with blue in my veins.

As a Cubs fan, it is not about the winning. There is something unique and wonderful about the team that I just cannot place my finger on. I will stand behind this team no matter what, because it’s about more than just winning to me.

As I live away from home, it is harder to catch the Cubs games, especially being in St. Louis Cardinal territory. I do what I can to see the games, even if it is just periodically checking the score because the game is not on the TV.

The game that the Cubs won the National Division and advanced to the World Series I was lucky enough to share the moment with my mom. My family was piled into my suite, watching the Cubs beat the L.A. Dodgers. As the ninth inning was coming to a close, my mom started to get emotional, as any lifelong Cubs fan would. I grabbed her and stayed in her arms until the last out when we proceeded to scream, jump up and down, and cry. That was an experience I will never forget, and will get to watch over and over thanks to my sister recording the joyous moment.

As to all of you Cub haters, stop. If you think us Cub fans do not have a backbone by now, you are wrong. Not only is it immature, it just makes you look bad. Do us all a favor and just focus on your own team. Let us be happy cause we are happy for you when your team does well.

Most important note of all: On November 2, 2016 history was made. After one of the most tense and stressful games I have ever watched, the Chicago Cubs won the World Series. They became the sixth team to ever come back to win after the opposing team had a three game lead. That was not the only record broken. David Ross, thirty-nine year old catcher for the Cubs, got a home run during game seven. He now holds the record for the oldest player to hit a homerun in the World Series.

This was a night that I will never forget. Go Cubs Go!

Jessica Sanders, from Woodstock, Illinois, is a junior majoring in English with a concentration in Secondary Education. Jessica is a member of the IC Women’s Chorale and is the Editor in Chief of The Rambler.


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