Gun Control

By: Antia Brugioni

Gun control has become an issue across the nation after several mass shootings. Every election, the pros and cons are brought up by the candidates running for presidency, along with their views on how to “fix the problem.” Debates about gun control have become even more strident in the current election.

The second amendment of the United States Constitution states that “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” Debates about this amendment turn on the topic of what a militia was in 1789 and what is a militia now, as well as discussions of  self-defense . With how Americans have been viewing the second amendment and expressing those rights. Also with how Congress has been handling this situation, so far, Americans will have the right to bear arms. Depending on who is in office, those rights may be restricted; however, they will never entirely dissipate.

Donald Trump is much more pro-guns than Hillary Clinton. Trump believes that gun rights are valuable in the right situations. Hillary Clinton does not want to remove guns, but she does want to make it more difficult to be able to purchase a gun and work on keeping “military-style weapons” off the streets. Where Trump and Clinton differ widely is how they feel about the system that does background checks for purchasing a gun. Clinton wants to expand background checks in hopes of removing internet sale and gun show loopholes. Whereas Trump believes the whole background check system is broken and needs to be reworked, instead of expanding a broken system. Trump thinks the system is broken because of the lack of medical and some federal records, also Trump states that people with these records are not stupid enough to try and purchase a gun where this system will be used.

Where Trump and Clinton have similar views about  who should be allowed to purchase and acquire firearms. Clinton wants to try and keep guns out of the hands of domestic abusers, the severely mentally ill, and any others who are convicted of violent crimes. Trump wants to work on a system where all criminal and mental health records are located so people who have records are in the system for these issues. Both candidates want to work on keeping people who have these records from being able to purchase a firearm.

Trump’s main priority for gun control seems to be allowing good law abiding citizens the right and ability to bear arms and to prevent the government from taking this right. He supports national right to carry, where the permit will be like a driver’s license and be valid in all 50 states. He also talks about how military bases and recruiting centers should be allowed to carry firearms, since they are being trained on how to safely and responsibly use firearms.  

Hillary’s main priority for gun control seems to be expanding the background check system and to go after gun shows and internet sales. She also wants to remove the industry’s sweeping legal protection for illegal and irresponsible actions, along with revoking licenses from those dealers who break the law. With these actions she hopes to be able to prohibit the ability of anyone who is convicted of being a domestic abuser or of any other violent crimes from buying and even owning guns. making it a federal crime to intentionally buy a gun for someone who is prohibited from owning one, would  remove the loopholes that are allowing people who are suffering from a severe illness to own guns.

With both candidates having their similarities and differences for gun control laws, it seems they also are seeking support from certain groups. Hillary Clinton is seeking support from women, who majority seem to support her claims. Whereas Donald Trump is working towards getting the support of rural, mostly white Americans and he is wording his claims in a way that will make it easy for them to support him.




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