Our Imagination

By: Cole Litwiller

My brother and I are proud to be

A little different, and we’ll both agree

That we don’t like sports or normal things,

But instead we’ll fly and spread our wings

Obviously I mean that metaphorically.

We can’t actually fly if that gives clarity

We create stories within our mind

And great adventures we seem to find

With a single thought we can form a story

That is filled with love, or filled with glory.

When an idea strikes us it feels like fate

Then together we build on it to make it great

A brand new world with great potential

Tests our minds, but it’s essential

Putting bizarre things into it

Then trying to find a way for everything to fit

Boredom is a lock and I think you will agree

That imagination makes for a mighty fine key

It’s something you can count on until the end

But it’s even better if you use it with a friend.


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