By: Jessica Sanders and Friends

Another semester is in the books, can you believe it? Pretty soon all this hectic school work will be over and we can actually have the break we deserve. The New Year is going to be here before we know it as well. 2016 has flown by, so many memorable things happened, good and bad.

My favorite part, hands down, was the Chicago Cubs winning the World Series. This was a historical moment whether you are a Cubs fan or not. To be honest, the Cubs winning is one of the only really great things to happen to me this year. Hopefully your years have been better than mine.

Not to say that we should dwell on the bad of the world. The good is so much more beautiful to look at and hold close to us. There are many positive things to look forward to. One word. CHRISTMAS.

I know what you’re thinking: Why should I worry about Christmas when there are finals and papers to worry about? The answer is why not? Christmas is literally amazing in 93.45% of all possible ways. Presents, family, food, sleep, what is not to love? Personally, I’m more of a Thanksgiving kind of person, but Christmas is looking pretty good this year.

Even without Christmas, the break can offer a well earned and needed rest for many harried students. We can also look for new schedules to keep us interested, rather than the sluggish end of a worn out, day to day struggle of classes we have been in for months. It also affords us an opportunity to meet new people, find new experiences, and even new ways of thinking. Ultimately, this gives us a light at the end of the 2016 tunnel.

So long and thanks for all the fish. See you next semester.

Jessica Sanders and friends

Jessica Sanders, from Woodstock, Illinois, is a junior majoring in English with a concentration in Secondary Education. Jessica is a member of the IC Women’s Chorale and is the Editor in Chief of The Rambler.


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