2016 In Review

By Stacy Bile

Apart from the election, 2016 was a roller coaster filled with with plenty of WOW moments. Starting with so many tragic deaths, mass shootings, crimes, protests, popular music, the Olympics, award ceremonies and many more. The year seemed to have a mixture of all emotions that anyone could think of. Although it may seem as if the negative part outweighed the positive, I would like to think that there were some positivity and events that helped everyone reunite.  


When looking back, it is important to pay homage to those who have lost their lives. We have lost a countless amount of people. So many talents and heroes: Prince, an American singer, song writer and actor. He was known for his amazing dance moves and legendary voice, with one of his big hits being album in the name of “ Purple Rain;” Muhammad Ali, an amazing American professional boxer and activist who was loved by so many and inspired so many lives; John Glenn, who was a politician and also the first American astronaut to orbit the earth, and many more. These deaths occurred along with the mass shooting in Orlando, FL, with the loss of so many innocent lives. Also there was so many cases of police brutality and so many protests with people standing up for their rights and fighting for their lives. Although many of these seemed tragic and depressing, we cannot forget about some of the best moments.


Let’s look back during the Olympics when Simone Biles dominated by winning her fourth gold medal, and Michael Phelps won five gold medals and a silver! Not to mention that we had one of our own, Ryan Held from Springfield, IL represented IL by winning a gold medal. Also we cannot forget about some of the best awards ceremonies and some of the best acceptance speeches. Leonardo Dicaprio finally received his first Oscars and Jesse Williams receiving his Humanitarian award and with his amazing speech with one of my favorite quotes, “Just because we are magic, does not mean we are not real.” He also stood up against the statement that black people are naturally the angriest people in America. He came to say that when America sees the community of black people in the street marching or protesting for a change, they are seen as angry black people, and he came to realization that all the stereotypes are brought up because of a misunderstanding. This happened along with the movement of Black Girls Magic that empowered black women and young girls to believe in themselves and to believe that they can accomplish anything they put their minds into, despite the negativity and voices that maybe telling them that they are not good enough. This is what makes them magic, because no matter what they are going through and have been through, they still manage to shine. Examples such as Oscar winner Viola Davis and the Tennis superstar Serena Williams are great examples for all black women and especially little girls, because they are proof that anything is possible.


Although the year was a roller coaster, I am glad that I witnessed it all. Yes there were bad moments, but some events helped everyone come together as one. I am sure in the future when my kids ask me about what happened in the year of 2016, I would look and say “Oh man, nobody was ready for that.” I cannot wait to see what this year has for us, and I hope for the best!


Stacy Bile, from Galesburg, Illinois is a first year student at Illinois College, majoring in Communications with a minor in International Studies. Stacy is the Photo Editor for the Rambler. Stacy is also a part of the Legacy Dance Team, SAB, BSU, IC feminist and the Nuestra Casa.


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