Obama’s Farewell

By Simone Williams

As the new year began we said hello to new adventures, and goodbye to old and dear politicians. I, of course, mean the 44th president of the United States of America, Barack Hussein Obama. On January 10th, President Obama gave his farewell address in Chicago, Illinois at the McCormick Place.

This was Obama’s final goodbye as the end of his eight year seat as President had finally come to a close. This event marked the end of a monumental period in American history. America’s first African American President had completed his reign as the leader of the free world, and it was a very emotional day for a lot of the U.S. population.  A packed house watched Obama as he gave his final speech as President.

Obama’s speech was filled with hope for the future, and gratefulness for all that he was allowed to do during his presidency. This included the lowering of the unemployment rate, the booming successfulness of Obamacare, the elimination of Osama Bin Laden, and so much more. These are just some of the reasons President Obama will be sorely missed.

Michelle Obama, who he gave a personal shoutout to during his speech, will be sorely missed as well. Although I wasn’t there, two of IC’s very own were lucky enough to attend.  Karina Donayre and Christian Flores attended the highly anticipated speech. The whole experience was described as “very tiring” and “emotional.” I’m sure other people can attest to the emotional part, myself included. This farewell speech marked the end of an era in history. It was a very emotional time, even if you were watching it at home.  All in all, Obama’s farewell speech was very well done, and he will be missed.  Although we as a nation are saying goodbye to a beloved President, we must go on and keep our hope for a better future alive, regardless of who takes office.


Simone Williams, from Chicago, Illinois is a first year student at Illinois College, majoring in English. Simone is a new writer for The Rambler, and is very passionate about all things writing.


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