February 14th: Just Another Day

By: Simone Williams

Let me ask you guys a question, do you love your significant other? Yes, ok. You want them to feel special right? Of course you do! But only for one day, at least that seems to be the case to me.  February 14th, the day most commonly known as Valentine’s Day. To many, it is a day to celebrate love, and show how much you appreciate your partner. This is a sweet idea, but ultimately warped into a completely materialistic holiday. A holiday where all the sweet intentions have been squeezed out through greedy spouses, and your now empty pockets. Spending all your money on a Valentine’s Day gift is a terrible decision that I hope none of you make.  It seems to be a complete and utter waste of time and money on something that shouldn’t exist, let alone be celebrated as broadly as it is.

A quick Google search revealed the roots of Valentine’s Day to sprout from St.Valentine and a fertility festival called Lupercalia. During this festival animals would be sacrificed, and women would be slapped with the strips of flesh to become more fertile, at least that’s what History.com told me. This seems no different from the celebrations of today. Doing things that make no sense for no good reason. Valentine’s Day is a completely useless holiday, and I’ll tell you why. What makes February 14th so special? Why does this day in particular mean that your significant other should feel extra loved? It makes no sense, but in a strange way I get it. Everyone wants to feel special, and be spoiled once in awhile, but do you need this day to do it? This day is purely materialistic, and a competition for who’s boyfriend is better and who got the most gifts. Valentine’s Day is basically a fight to death on social media, and the person with the biggest teddy bear, and the most flowers wins. You know who I feel sorry for? The boyfriends and girlfriends who have to go out and spend their hard earned money on a gift just to show social media how much they care about their significant other. Its truly a sad sight to see, but I know the competition won’t end anytime soon if it ever does.

Valentine’s Day doesn’t seem to be such a worthwhile holiday to me. I don’t even get why it’s a holiday. It’s a holiday for everyone who works at Hallmark, considering all the money spent on Valentine’s Day cards just made them that much richer. The “holiday,” if that’s what you want to call it is cute, that can’t be denied, but ultimately unnecessary and a waste of time. By all means don’t let my opinion stop you from enjoying your precious Valentine’s Day, but just know you’re wasting your time and money. Have a good one, and enjoy that teddy bear.

Simone Williams, from Chicago, Illinois is a first year student at Illinois College, majoring in English. Simone is a new writer for The Rambler, and is very passionate about all things writing.



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