14th Deadly Sin Review

By: Matthew Hunter

If you’re looking for something exciting and pleasurable, filled with intrigue and suspense, then look no further. James Patterson’s and Maxine Paetro’s 14th Deadly Sin provides the reader with not just one, but multiple mysteries that are cleverly woven together to create one of the best novels yet to be written by Patterson and Paetro.

14th Deadly Sin, was published a couple of years ago, is the fourteenth novel of the Women’s Murder Club series. You may be asking why I’m reviewing the fourteenth book of a series instead of the first one. The answer is simply because I just finished reading it and it was awesome. Much like me, you will find that it will be very hard to put down once you start reading.

Sergeant Lindsey Boxer of the San Francisco Police Department loves her life. She has a charming, attractive husband who is a great father to their beautiful and healthy baby girl. She has a job that she loves doing and gets to spend time with her friends in the Women’s Murder Club. In fact, one of those friends has a birthday.

As the Club gets together to celebrate the birthday of Claire Washburn, the Chief Medical Examiner for the city of San Francisco, Lindsey gets a call to a murder scene. As she excuses herself, Lindsey realizes that this is the third year in a row that she was called away to investigate a murder on this very day. Coincidence, she thinks not.

Her deep desire to investigate these “birthday murders” as she calls them is stifled when the city is terrorized by a trio of men dressed in SFPD gear and robbing local businesses and sometimes leaving dead bodies in their wake. With the possibility of these men being members of their own police department, every available man and woman in the department are put onto the case, even Lindsey. There’s just one problem with this particular case: Lindsey doesn’t know who to trust. Any one of her colleagues could be members of this murderous three-man gang of robbers.

As Lindsey convinces her husband to look into her “birthday murders” case for her, a third development is revealed to the readers: Assistant District Attorney (and member of the Women’s Murder Club) Yuki Castellano is leaving the District Attorney’s office, and she’s suing the SFPD. Motivated by a heartbreaking case where an innocent man is killed while in the custody of the police department, Yuki makes the difficult decision to do the right thing and risk everything she’s worked for in her life.

Stakes are raised, tensions are elevated, and bullets will definitely fly as the members of the Women’s Murder Club work together to solve these mysteries. If you’re asking questions about the book like, “Who did it?” “Why are they doing this?” and “How are all the cases connected?”, then you’ll have to read 14th Deadly Sin for yourself and find out. You certainly won’t regret it.


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