Festival of Holi

By Simone Williams

As many of you may have noticed, a significant part of the quad is now stained blue. Now I know what many of you may be thinking, but no, Illinois College did not host a smurf death match over the weekend. On Friday, March 24th, IC had its very own Festival of Holi. For those of you who didn’t attend or just did not hear the significance of the event, I’ll inform you about exactly what that is.

The Festival of Holi is a Indian tradition, and it’s a festival celebrating the arrival of spring. This is usually celebrated in India and Nepal, but this year it was brought to Jacksonville. During the festival there is food, and the throwing of colored powder. Illinois College stayed true to tradition and had both, along with a photobooth and a henna station. Now for those of you that don’t know what henna is, stay tuned. Henna is a type of Indian body art that’s become very popular in the United States recently. This was offered after the powder was thrown. Now that I’ve discussed all of the things that were offered, let’s talk about the main event, the colors!

I would first like to say that if you didn’t join in on the festival, you missed out, at least on the colors part. It was so much fun, and so pretty. The colored powder was given to everyone in fanny packs that you got to keep, and after the countdown it was war. Colors were thrown everywhere, and as someone wearing glasses it was very hard to see. Now don’t get me wrong, I had a blast, but my shoes…not so much. Although, I made the decision to wear white converse to the festival, but don’t you worry, the colors come out, for the most part. Now as fun as the festival was, the cleanup was the hard part; not for the people hosting the festival, although I’m sure that was hard too. I’m talking about for me, the cleanup was horrendous. It was pretty easy to get the powder off with water, but it was terrible getting it out of clothes. I don’t know about anyone else but my festival of Holi shirt, which they also gave out for free, is now an unevenly distributed blue color. Not only that, but I had to clean my ears like 5 times in the same day, because it was blue, yeah it was pretty gross. Despite the minor setbacks of my clothes, the festival was a really good idea, and personally, I had a great time. If IC does it again next year, which it should, I would definitely recommend you go.

Simone Williams, from Chicago, Illinois is a first year student at Illinois College, majoring in English. Simone is a new writer for The Rambler, and is very passionate about all things writing.


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