Dr. Manny Fest; Destiny PhD

By: Willem Kline

Run me a bath, Dr. Manny Fest.
Your calming motives make me croakin’
My aimless thoughts have started chokin’
I’m running through an artless phase
My skin half dead, I crawl. I’m manic.
Enough to keep myself in panic
Run me a bath, Dr. Manny Fest
I have a destiny.

Run me ragged, Dr. Manny Fest
I’ve held on to every line you’ve spoken.
With a wave goodbye, I’ll have my token
The promise land is my happy place.
Swoop make fell, the Eagle landed
I’ll write my note, I’m able handed.
Run me ragged, Dr. Manny Fest.
I’ll leave the rest with thee.

Shut the door, Dr. Manny Fest.
The clock has struck, the hands are broken.
This fucking sucks, I’m not jokin’.
I’d have my head bashed in with a mace.
I wanna write a verse while time demands it
My thoughts have coincided Hamlet’s
Shut that damn door, Dr. Manny Fest.
I’ve passed the test, you see?

Leave me be, Dr. Manny Fest.
The plan is wrought, it’s all in motion.
I’ve found my rhythm of devotion.
I’m fed up staring patterns into ceiling space.
Funny, I find this inorganic.
Rather fun to play you’re own mechanic.
Leave me be, Dr. Manny Fest.
You were the best for me.

Willem Kline, from Belvidere, Illinois is a first year student here at Illinois College, pursuing a double major in English and Theatre with an undecided minor. Willem is a newbie to The Rambler roster, a member of the IC Wind Ensemble, and avid pursuer and connoisseur of anything artsy-fartsy.


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