Your Friendly Campus Music Nerd Presents: The IC Super Summer Funtime Express Playlist 2017

By: Willem Kline

Another year in the books for Illinois College and a single year of my career in the bag. I’ve made it my mission to not only provide the campus with the music update and report that they deserve, but supply them with enough jams to last their entire college career. From a single song of the day to a thought on the industry as a whole, it’s been a hell of a treat being able to write these articles day in and day out for you guys.

Music is a very important thing in my life. In fact, one could probably argue that it is the most important thing in my life. There’s been entire albums that have soundtracked years of my life. Weezer’s Blue has enough memories stored in it that I could probably write you a personal daily column for at least several months. So in honor of a successful year of not dying or losing a considerable amount of my sanity, I present to you a collection of a little over 150 songs that should sufficiently provide you with enough jams to last you into the next semester.

Thank you all so much for everything. You’re making my time here an absolute blast.



HUMBLE- Kendrick Lamar

Show You the Way- Thundercat

Dangerous- The XX

Bad and Boujee- Migos

Get Right Witcha- Migos

The Drag- Ty Segall

I’m So Groovy- Future

Blossom- Milky Chance

20 Karat Jesus- Freddie Gibbs

Total Entertainment Forever- Father John Misty


Let Me Out- Gorillaz

Andromeda- Gorillaz

My Girls- Animal Collective

Super Rad- The Aquabats

Show Me How to Live- Audioslave

Rock Lobster- The B52’s


Clash the Truth- Beach Fossils

Intergalactic- Beastie Boys

Paul Revere- Beastie Boys

Octopus’s Garden- The Beatles

Here Comes the Sun- The Beatles

Hell Yes- Beck

Dangerous- Big Data

Jaded Future- Birdy Nam Nam

Hairspray Heart- Black Moth Super Rainbow

Helicopter- Bloc Party

Video Killed the Radio Star- The Buggles

The Distance- Cake

Acceptable in the 80’s- Calvin Harris

Vitamin C- CAN

I Sold My Bed, But Not My Stereo- Capital Cities

Clash- Caravan Palace

Good Times Roll- The Cars

All Night- Chance the Rapper

She Loves Everybody- Chester French

Have Some Love- Childish Gambino

I Want Your Love- Chromatics

Rock the Casbah- The Clash

All You’re Waiting For- Classixx


And many, many, many more!

As always, I’m your campus music nerd, Willem Kline.

Need a recommendation? Snapchat me @fourfiftyfun

Songs of the Day are posted as daily as possible on my Instagram: @superhappyfuntimeexpress

And just find me on Spotify for the rest of the playlist!

Have a good summer Illinois College!

Stay jammin’!

Willem Kline, from Belvidere, Illinois is a first year student here at Illinois College, pursuing a double major in English and Theatre with an undecided minor. Willem is a newbie to The Rambler roster, a member of the IC Wind Ensemble, and avid pursuer and connoisseur of anything artsy-fartsy.


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