15th Affair Book Review

By: Matthew Hunter

Do you have a best friend forever whom you trust and value more than anyone else you know? Would you be willing to put your life in that friend’s hands? If you answered yes to that question, you are just like Inspector Lindsey Boxer in that respect. She trusts the love of her life, her husband Joe, with anything and everything. At least, that is until he disappears off the grid at around the same time a national tragedy strikes in the heart of San Francisco. It’s during the events of James Patterson’s #1 New York Times Bestseller 15th Affair that she learns the hard way that there is a side of Joe that she never knew even existed.

        The novel begins by dealing with the remaining fallout of the previous Women’s Murder Club novel (14th Deadly Sin), where corrupt police officers are now facing repercussions for their criminal activities. And just when things begin to settle down for Inspector Boxer and her friends, she catches a quadruple homicide at a five-star hotel. They try to examine camera footage, but it has been doctored to erase any and all potential evidence. When she returns to her apartment, she finds there’s something a little off about her husband. He’s still the loving family man that he’s always been, but something just doesn’t seem right, something she can’t label exactly.

        At the same time she’s trying to process her growing suspicions about Joe, tragedy literally falls from the sky as a jet liner is shot down in San Francisco airspace. All of California’s law enforcement agencies descend on the terrorist attack, with Boxer leading the charge. What she doesn’t realize yet is the immensely tangled web of deceit, cover-ups, and pure lies she is going to be tackling, a web that she will soon find not only involves the hotel murders, but also her husband. Especially her husband.

        I don’t know what your opinion is about popular fiction, but this novel honestly had my pulse racing from start to finish. The author maintains a story that keeps the reader guessing at every turn, wondering if Boxer will survive the story, and seriously questioning everything they know about the characters of the entire Women’s Murder Club series. It also demonstrates an obvious command of both story structure and clever word content. It’s clear that Patterson uses his thirty-plus years of fiction writing experience to make this one of his best masterpieces of his career. If you want to try your hand at writing detailed, fast-paced mysteries, reading this book and studying Patterson’s technique and story choices would be an excellent specimen to examine and perhaps inspire and enhance your own story.

        15th Affair is the fifteenth installment of the Women’s Murder Club novel series. 16th Seduction was released earlier last year, and The 17th Suspect was just released on February 22nd of this year. His vast collection of novels are available in book stores anywhere, as well as on Amazon and Kindle.



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