English Club: No Beef Required

By: Max Wallace

You know, Illinois College, for a journalist I’m usually not one for gossip. But when my ears tuned in to the rumor that the up-and-coming English Club had a brewing feud with the English Honors Society, Sigma Tau Delta, well I couldn’t let that story fade into the oblivion of the rumor mill. So I sat down with Danielle Dorks, a Junior, for an interview on the matter.

At first, I wanted to know what exactly the English Club was all about. “It was Dr. Capo’s idea,” Dorks informed me. She’d been approached because of her job in the English Department, of which Dr. Capo is the Chair. “We want to do things like a book club, poetry readings, movie nights, other stuff,” said Dorks. “A Google form was sent out over email to see what activities people were interested in.” There had been a high response rate to the Google form too, with most if not all respondents saying they were for the English Club, and suggesting several activities for the club to engage in.

With the foundation laid, the time to breach the rumor with Ms. Dorks was fast approaching. She seemed rather shocked at first when I approached the topic with her. “Well,” she revealed during the interview, “I’m in Sigma Tau Delta, so I think I can say there are no problems between the two organizations.” This fact was confirmed by Sigma Tau Delta President, Emily Mueller.

“Yeah,” Ms. Mueller said in a rather short interview with the Rambler, “Danielle is the VP. And, anyway, I fully support [the English Club]. I was actually planning on going to a couple of meetings.”

The two organizations have their fair share of differences too! Sigma Tau Delta, clearly, has been established for much longer than the fledgling English Club. Sigma Tau Delta has a greater level of coordination, with their planning style being much more collaborative and front-loaded than the English Club’s seems to be so far. The two organizations also plan to tackle different events and activities. They will be able to happily coexist on IC’s campus after all!

Despite the juicy gossip, the amicability between the two groups didn’t come as a surprise. As Danielle put it during her interview, “We [Sigma Tau Delta and the English Club] are aware of a universal truth: people want to be involved, and we want more people involved in our clubs.”



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