The Rambler is an Illinois College Publication in existence since 1878. It is a student-run, student-written newspaper about Illinois College and the local area.

To inform, educate, and entertain the Illinois College community.

The Rambler has a very hardworking staff of about 20 people this year, but we’re always looking for more members! Our staff currently consists of:


Editorial Board:
Editor in Chief-Jessica Sanders
Faculty Advisor- Professor Steve Hochstadt
Editorial Staff:
Features Editor-Maria Wittenauer
Features/Copy Editor- Michael Shereda
Opinions Editor- Jordan Washington
Director of Advertising: Leilani-Jade Pecher
Photo Editor: Adam Enz
Layout Editor: Mayra Quintana
Web Designer: Emma Morgan
Senior Staff Writers:
Kyle Cody, Dylan Howard, Katie Linder, Alexis Ogunmokun, Marie Owumi, Nathan A. Zimmerman, Dakota Roach, Audrey Clayton, Dakota Roach
Junior Staff Writers:
Austin Dearing, Paige Graham, Marineth Sierra
Contributing Writers:
Kelli McElroy, Brendan Barlow, Hannah Hawkins, Tyler Gilson, Dakotah Jones, Tamar Norville, Amber Rak, Maximillian Valdez, Lucas Worrell, Marius Kaisig, Scarlett Lin Latt
Amber Rak, Ja Kaufmann, Austin Dearing, Taylor Kingele
Emily Mueller


We are currently looking for photographers and writers. If you’re interested in any of these positions, or simply want to work for the Rambler, stop by one of our meetings, held on every-other Monday evening at 8 p.m. in the Rambler office (which is located in Upper Memorial). Or you can submit an article, photo, question, or comment to rambler@mail.ic.edu.

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